Testing Landing Pages: How To Test Capture Pages

I decided to record a video about landing pages. How to create a landing page, how to test your landing page, and the different types of landing pages that you should be sending traffic from your PPC ads to.

There is a big difference in landing pages and you should always be testing at least 2 different styles of landing pages at the same time. Send 100 clicks to one page and send 100 clicks to another page. They can be similar, but something should be different about them.

I am always testing different types of landing pages, and you should to! Some landing pages are -above the fold-, (so if a visitor lands on your page, they see the entire page all at once without scrolling down) and some are longer and you need to scroll down to see the complete page. The main focus of your landing page should be your opt-in form.

Most of my landing pages contain a headline, an image, an opt-in form (or two), some bullet points, benefits of what the customer will receive when they purchase the product or opt-in for your fee offer, and they may or may not contain a short paragraph or description of the product I am selling or giving away.

Most of the time I use all of the above on my landing page, but I place them in different positions on the page. I do sometimes change the benefit points and description, also use a bit of a different image in some to test them to see which page will convert better. You have to try different things on your landing pages to see which page you will have the most success with and will convert better for you.

The main goal of a capture page is to get the name and email from your visitor to build your list. So, if you create a Facebook Ad and you are promoting a free offer, you send traffic to the capture page that has the best conversions.

The only way to test your landing pages is to run ads and send traffic to them. Don’t just slap up a landing page and start firing traffic to it. You need to test different variations of landing pages, you need to change them up a bit to test which ones convert better.

Once you have figured out with landing page or capture page converts the best for you, keep it and use it. Set the other one(s) aside and start tweaking your best converting landing page.

Change the color, background image, move a little bit of stuff around, tweak the landing page to get optimum performance out of it.

One thing about your landing pages that should never change is you headline. The headline should always be on top and it should be eye catching. You should try different wording in the headline, but never have no headline at all.

You can have the main headline, and a smaller, secondary or sub headline. Test it out- you never know what results you will get. The same thing does not work for everyone- that is why you have to test!

Find out what works for YOU!

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